Coccyx’ed Up

For some reason I’m oddly fragile. If I wear a rough shirt, the seams can leave red marks that last for days. If the back of my hand rubs against the wallpaper next to the bed in my sleep, the skin scratches off. If I use the computer with my elbows on the desk, the elbows get sore and bruised.
Somehow I’ve done it again. This time I’ve inexplicably bruised or knotted up the muscles around my tailbone, misaligned my lower spine, or pinched the sciatic nerve. I noticed this because upon trying to get up in the morning I felt an extremely sharp stabbing pain. I’ve never given any thought to the centrality of this muscle group as the core basis for pretty much all movement. It is excruciating to sit, stand up, sit down, walk, etc. Lying on one side is about the only relief.
I suppose my “best by” date has simply expired – Apparently some time ago.