Back to the Fatherland

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After a few days back in Singapore, I arrived in Frankfurt today. The Lufthansa flight was really great. Or, maybe it wasn’t? I have no idea because for one of the first times in memory I pretty much fell asleep upon boarding and woke up in Germany! The Holiday Inn Express here is quite a few train transfers away from the airport, though, and we later found out that they way we walked there was specifically known as the way not to walk there. I had no doubt that Frankfurt must have a red-light district, but never expected to walk through needles, refuse, police, and whores so immediately and directly on the path from the hauptbahnhof.  My memories of the punctiliously clean (or at least sanitary) Germany may never be the same again.

Patong Nights

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Spending some weeks in and around Phuket right now. The place is as horribly touristy as ever but the weather has been great. Jungceylon, the mall here, has grown up quite a bit and it’s a good place to catch a movie and get away from the heat for a bit. The real draw, though, is the beach. Sitting under that partial umbrella reading a book with the waiter never too far away is perhaps too relaxing.

No, I don’t want a suit. Of course everyone is accosting you at pretty much every moment everywhere in Thailand trying to sell you something, but a suit? In Phuket? This is not a city of any suit type of business. Why, oh why, on earth might I possibly be interested in having a suit tailored late on a Friday night just off the beach of a resort? No, I also do not require a massage. Goodness.

Hot in Bangkok

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AdN-IMG_8141This title really calls attention to nothing but the obvious. It is indeed hot in Bangkok. Just going outside is excruciating in the extreme. Nonetheless, we’re making the rounds of all of the temples we’ve missed on past visits. We even got to see all of the amazing ruins of Ayutthaya. Thai history and culture really never ceases to amaze me.