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Oops, They Did it Again

“Japan flirts with disaster after the fuel rods in the Fukushima No. 1 power station’s No. 2 reactor are fully exposed by workers who let a cooling pump run out of gas.” (JT) Oh, sorry, forgot?! All of this crap is really beyond belief. I keep seeing stories like this. The other day it was something about the explosion which happened because a vent door was left closed “FOR SOME REASON.” They used those words! Really!!?!? What exactly is going on if, despite the apparent cover-ups and downright lies, these things happen for some reason. Serious anger here. Really?!?! They try to cool the thing with seawater, but the seawater reservoir just all of a sudden, unexpectedly ran dry too. So, there is some problem finding a source for seawater? Oh. My. God.

Meanwhile (JT), “Train runs cut, store shelves empty, gas pumps dry as residents prepare for darkness” … and what a bleak darkness it is.

New Event Horizon?

You should really have a look at this very comprehensive and informative entry on MutantFrog.com:

There is an awful lot of panic and speculation regarding the situation at the Fukushima #1 (Daiichi) Nuclear Power Plant and in particular its possible effects on the Tokyo Metro area. What is really going on?

Short answer – things seem to be pretty safe for now, but there is still a possibility of danger if things don’t go well.

A nuclear scientist on MetaFilter mentioned the following, based on what is currently known.

… while I would certainly be keeping a close eye on the situation if I were in Tokyo (!), I would not yet be very worried about health effects (or finding concrete bunkers) given the information currently available.


culled from Kyodo news, CNN, and Al Jazeera:

Fukushima has been hit by another explosion. Saturday’s blast was at No.1 reactor – this morning’s was at No.3 reactor. It injured 11 people.

Fukushima reactor three “highly likely facing meltdown” at this time although the “worst scenario unlikely to be like Chernobyl,” say government officials.
Fuel rods at the No. 2 reactor of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant are now fully exposed; “melting feared.”

Thousand body tides, thousands missing; Over 550,000 people are spread amongst 2,500 emergency shelters. Millions face the fourth night without food, water, or heat.

The US fleet has been moved a safer distance from the coast after detecting elevated radiation levels on planes and personnel.

Meanwhile, France has asked its citizens to leave Japan immediately.

Japan’s cabinet secretary appeals for calm.