Cable Without Cable

I figured out a killer way to save on cord cutting. Philo costs $20/mo and offers “basic cable,” a service that Sling provides for $35 (though bit more conveniently – at least on my TV). Neither offer local channels, but if you live in a very few service areas, LoCast is an alternative which asks for donations ($5/mo). It has apps for AppleTV, Roku, Amazon and can be Chromecasted.

If you happen to be with T-Mobile, they’re offering a $10/mo rebate on Philo until the end of April. For a more complete/simpler solution, Youtube TV is great and can be locked in for $55/mo (if you’re with T-Mobile).

Hard Boiled Aesthetics

Whenever I’ve made hard boiled eggs in the past, they are hard to peel and just plain ugly. Idle internetting has perhaps provided a solution that has been passed down since at least the time of the great Pepin. Claire Lower relates the problem and solution:

I poked the bottoms of my eggs with a thumbtack to create tiny holes, then lowered them straight into boiling water for nine minutes before rinsing them in cold water and peeling them. It worked, and it solved my cracking issue. Not only were my eggs much more rounded at the bottom, but none of them cracked. And they all peeled like a dream.

So, as Lifehacker points out above, just poke a little hole in it.