XMLRPC Endpoint Blocked?

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Resolving the Connection Refused Error in Ulysses Preventing You from Publishing to WordPress

The main error is about the XMLRPC connection being blocked by WordPress. To overcome that, you need to install a plugin that would act as a proxy to the requests. Sounds too complicated? Don’t worry. 


(this resolved my problem – inMotion web hosting is great but blocks the xmlrpc … unless you rename it and use the Rename XMLRPC plugin)

Hong Kong no longer ‘special?’

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Under the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992, the U.S. treats Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous part of China, differently than the mainland in trade, commerce and other areas. Now U.S. President Donald Trump could rescind that “special status” to punish China for recent moves to tighten its grip on the city amid a resurgence of pro-democracy street protests. In its most extreme form, that would effectively mean treating the global financial hub no differently than any other Chinese city, a seismic shift

Source: What Hong Kong losing its ‘special status’ would mean | The Japan Times

Hello world!

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This is a new install of WordPress. The old host tripled their prices and I moved over to inMotion hosting. They are very reasonable and have great service. Unfortunately, the old host lapsed before I could import it to the new one and all I had was some random SQL dumps. It’s been about a year and I only now decided to have a go at resurrecting the past and starting up again. After some jerky mistakes and multiple database restores and exports it may finally be beginning to work? Let’s proceed…