Britain Turns to Chinese Textbooks to Improve Its Math Scores

The teaching method, known as the “mastery” approach, is based on the idea that all students can succeed in learning mathematics when given proper instruction. Whereas teachers in the West might describe a concept and then assign problems for students to solve individually, the mastery method is more interactive. Teachers frequently pose questions to students who are then expected to precisely explain both solutions and underlying principles in front of their classmates.

Source: Britain Turns to Chinese Textbooks to Improve Its Math Scores – The New York Times

While textbooks were translated directly from Chinese, an elementary task involved pairing images …

But at least one pair had to be changed, he said. The bird and cage in the original became a bird and a tree in the English edition — a not-so-subtle metaphor, perhaps, for the different approaches to teaching.

The Myth Of Drug Expiration Dates

Some medical providers have pushed for a changed approach to drug expiration dates — with no success. In 2000, the American Medical Association, foretelling the current prescription drug crisis, adopted a resolution urging action. The shelf life of many drugs, it wrote, seems to be “considerably longer” than their expiration dates, leading to “unnecessary waste, higher pharmaceutical costs, and possibly reduced access to necessary drugs for some patients.”

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A Beginner’s Guide To Ethereum, The Next Bitcoin

​Ever since Craig Wright said, but couldn’t prove, he was mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakomoto, the world of cryptocurrency has been relatively silent. To most, it’s a bunch of people with too many graphics cards creating value from nothing in order to anonymously spend money around the web.So, you’d be forgiven if you saw the price of Ethereum jump some 2,300 percent this year, and assumed this was more internet hype once again mixing with the volatility of magic internet money. So, just what is this Ethereum thing? Will it really make our current monetary system obsolete? Are we all gonna be rich? The answer is, well, just maybe.

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