Hello world!

This is a new install of WordPress. The old host tripled their prices and I moved over to inMotion hosting. They are very reasonable and have great service. Unfortunately, the old host lapsed before I could import it to the new one and all I had was some random SQL dumps. It’s been about a year and I only now decided to have a go at resurrecting the past and starting up again. After some jerky mistakes and multiple database restores and exports it may finally be beginning to work? Let’s proceed…

Fallen Walls

It’s interesting how a simple tweet can germinate around the net and become something that is so totally awesomely cool! Perhaps more interestingly, it spawns a new avenue of fiction to explore in the work of the creator, sci-fi author Michael G. Munz. He describes his exploding tweet on his blog. The artist, Lar, seems pretty awesomely cool as well!