I’ve been fiddling with Stephen Fry again. He has a page on AudioBoo where he elicits answers to questions possibly quite interesting. Between that and his tweets it might be satiating until the next season comes around.

Unrelatedly, The other day I mentioned scrapes on my shoulders after gyming and how I have been trying to figure it out for years. Apparently all I had to do was to post that and go to sleep and the answer was obvious. That machine possibly called a calf abductor or something where you have your heel off the back of the metal bar where your shoulder is the only other contact with the machine. Well, repeatedly raising 100lbs on your shoulder at the top of the shirt seam is quite enough to gouge my tender flesh. Duh.

Sheila … E?

Odd as it may be, I went over with friends to Billboard Live in Tokyo Midtown to see … Sheila E last night. I’m not sure, but most of the words sounded like Christian music. It got better towards the end with a pop song which sounded like a Hong Kong Pepsi commercial I remember, a quite nice screaming guitar rock number, and another with what I could swear is the music to that song that goes “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” Her voice is … well, I’ve heard better range and depth on the street in Akihabara … but, hey, she’s a drummer. The drink I had tasted like those cheap popsicles that come as liquid in the long plastic bag that you might get at Walmart … before you freeze it. E had a nicer macha liqueur creamy thing. We had great seats and Billboard is a beautiful club.