First Japanese Class

So, I’m going to AjALT ((ajaruto) – the school that made the Japanese for Busy People series of books) and started yesterday for their ‘Beginner Foundation’ course. It’s MWF with a specific teacher for each of the days. It’s at exit three from the Hibiya line Kamiyacho if you’re interested. It does seem to be a great school with no recourse to “childish or classroom-only” language. The class completes the first volume of their text from introductions, business cards to going to a party. It seems incredibly well structured for dealing with Japanese society. For example, last time I went to Billboard live we met the manager … introductions, introductions of friends, business cards … it’s a perfect fit for reality. At risk of being overly ambitious, I will try to put notes up on here. This is for me to remember and not to be construed as advice upon any language of any kind.

Ch1. Introductions
こちらXYZ Corp のRandall-さんです。
はじめましてRandall です. よろしくおねがいします。