New WordPress

I’ve been updating this blog on a new server. I haven’t for a long time but the host is getting rid of the old stuff and the deadline is approaching fast. Unfortunately there is no way for them to do the migration for me so I’ve been having to delve into the intricacies of SQL and the new Solaris (which is totally new to me – last time I did such a thing it was in transition between SunOS and Solaris). I get something working and then it turns out that old SQL defaulted to Latin1 encoding with Swedish for some bizarre reason and nowadays things want to be utf8 collation. You cannot just do a command to switch. It involves a total database conversion to binary table by table with different commands for each field. Then another such conversion from “BLOB” to utf8! God! This, of course is the least important of anything because I gotta do the mail server and procmail configuration and all this too before swapping DNS setting. Oh well. At least this is a post. I’ll try to back fill the last bit so it’s not quite so sparse. Ta.