Monkeybridge Reassures

With staff still not having been paid, another fax. Thanks to Memoirs of a Gaijin:

To all staff

To all those that are fighting in the trenches for the sake of the company, I apologize sincerely for the delayed wages. It is one of the worst places to be in business. I intend to do something about the cancellation refund money. In order to return to a normal working environment I am doing my best. For those that keep the schools open for the students, I am doing my best.

Last week I was hoping to be able to give you good news but got stuck on one final detail that needs to be resolved. I am in the middle of sorting this out. I want to be able to do this for everyone this week (reveal details.)

I have asked you all to try hard but for this one last time I implore you to try again. Please don’t give up now.



Text of the fax