I was reading about Windows Vista and found it to be quite interesting despite my general predilections towards the mac side. The computerworld article is in depth. I was just amused to see them say such things as “There’s no two ways about it; they’re direct rip-offs of Mac OS X’s widgets. But if you’re going to steal something, why not steal from the best?” It’s the statement that MacOS is the best from YET ANOTHER PC mag that does it. Oh well. We actually got to touch Vista today in Akihabara and it looked … “neat.” The transparent windows were interesting as were the different effects of the windows and screens. It’s just that it seems too little too late of an aesthetic overhall to make windows relevant … yet so intensive in requirements to be still beyond relevant.

I tried to pick up a Nintendo DS, but they were all sold out STILL. I did see a case of them in Shibuya the other day but didn’t understand the rare supply issue … or that the one’s I saw were going for 11000 yen … a deal.

I instead applied my rampant consumerism to something I’ve long coveted from memory: A Kensington Trackball Optical which they insist on calling the Expert Mouse. I remember it lovingly from my Mac SE past, but it will take some time to get used to. Yes, it is totally unnecesary. I have another mouse i just got that is incredible, the Logitech Revolution notebook.