Katrina’s Proving To Be A Tough Test For Technology

Looks like a friend got interviewed by Investors Business Daily which was picked up on Yahoo! News …

Katrina’s Proving To Be A Tough Test For Technology – Yahoo! News:
As Katrina approached, evacuees relied on technology to coordinate travel. Some turned Web sites into emergency message boards. Blogger Mark Kraft, in Santa Clara, Calif., kept in touch with many members of the LiveJournal online community that stayed in New Orleans.

“One (member) I was trying to persuade to evacuate basically couldn’t,” he said. That person “actually got invited by another LiveJournaler to go to a secure apartment on the fourth floor of a building. They rode out the storm there.”

LiveJournal has thousands of members from the New Orleans area, Kraft says. One posted updates from a data center in a tall building in town. Evacuees on the move also scrambled to communicate.

“A lot have been doing what’s called a phone post,” Kraft said. “You call a phone number, and it sort of acts like a voice-mail box. It records the conversation and posts it straight to your journal.”