Macworld UK – Tiger tops Best Sellers at

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Macworld UK – Tiger tops Best Sellers at
Mac OS X Tiger is already the best selling product in’s electronics store, and it’s not even on sale yet.
One reason for its popularity – other than the obvious fact that it is far superior to Microsoft Windows – may be that Amazon is offering a $35 rebate to customers who reserve a copy.

In other news, I’ve been … errrr … addicted to … World of Warcraft. It runs great on my powerbook and all servers/realms are peopled by both mac and pc users. Blizzard has to be applauded for this true cross-platform effort. It’s a great game. I had all but given up on MMO area … even canceling my Grandmaster warrior of old on UO.

Otherwise I’ve been busy helping a friend out at her video store a few blocks from my house. First it was my film degree that ruined a bit (but enhanced a bit as well) about movies, but the business side of renting the things is more of a buzzkill. Oh well.