Coolest Clock Ever

As far as the comments concerning it though. Hm. Bad babelfish, bad.

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Thanks Gizmodo.

Oh, yeah. If you wish to be so kind as to help me (and you) get a free iPod. It’s like a viral thang.

You can also tell me if you want a gmail account. First I had none, then I had few, and now I have some for you. Poetic, huh?

Enjoy the farking fantasy that would be realized if you could use Photoshop tools and filters in the real world while you’re waiting for the spam to flow into that new gmail account you just got.

If you’d rather dream of a more possible reality, check out an earth friendly and convenient commute method over at the Google Blog. “We like things to be efficient and fast, so it’s logical that we’d set up a shuttle service for all the Googlers driving to Mountain View from San Francisco every day. Doing it in a Googley way, we went a step further than providing a shuttle. Our bus runs on biodiesel fuel.”