Odometer Rollover

The day started nicely with a call from Ethan whom I got to to thank for his unique gift and share his excitement for the mac he just ordered. It actually was more like my excitement for the mac he just ordered. Thanks and thoughts go out to Sharon who’s a day … and a few years older (hehe) than me. Fine. Younger. Well, more towards noonish there was lunch with mother who, of course wanted to fill me up with irritating clothes … but passing mention that I want a portable printer actually took … and became a cannon i80. It’s so nice and only 4 pounds and near powerbook coordinated in color. Well, it doesn’t clash, and you can get a bluetooth thing for it so I can stick it even more out of the way. On my desk when I got home was a card with more money and a package that revealed a neat fossil watch that animates the brush strokes of the happiness kanji … whether they are in the traditionally mandated order or not, it’s … neat. Operation Condor is on (not the best JC but, heh) and I got the Simpsons 4th season from Bryan to enjoy later on. Ahhh. Nice day. Tomorrows assignments … will be tomorrow.