Finally had my dental checkup today. Tried for months to schedule it, but it always got postponed at the last moment because the dental officer was on medical or urgent leave or some such reason. My checkup took all of 2 minutes, after which he pronounced my teeth fine, but that I ought to see a dentist outside to do some scraping. Yeah, I know that too, but I’m waiting till I start work so that I can make use of my dental benefits.

Also managed to get most of the signatures for my clearance form. We have a system where we need the department heads and key appointment holders to verify that there are no outstanding items before we are allowed to leave the service. It was pretty gratifying, cos most people were friendly and had nice things to say. Guess that meant I didn’t screw them over as much as I could have? 🙂

Boss treated me and a few other guys to lunch today. Went to this Chinese restaurant at some resort in Changi. The food was ok, though I particularly enjoyed the Peking duck and Norwegian salmon sashimi. Think they forgot to season the tempura prawns though, cos those were pretty tasteless.

Anyway, I’m glad my days in national service have (mostly) come to an end. I won’t say it was all bad, but I would say those 2.5 years of my life might have been better utilized in other ways. Sure, I’ve made friends and some important lessons about national security and social cohesion, but I really doubt it’s necessary to get young men to live together, crawl through mud, and fire M16 rifles for them to get the message.

The heat is giving me a headache. Hope it snows.