Day 5: Windfall

Woke up late today as a result of last night’s exertions. It was time for lunch by the time we crawled out of bed. Decided to head back to Bourbon Street for lunch, at a place called the Red Fish. Nice place with attentive service, and semi-cute waiters. 🙂

I had the seafood muffeletta, which is a sandwich with blackened red fish, fried oysters, and grilled shrimp. It was HUGE! I could only finish half of it, while Randall had the special – Hickory Red Fish… which was really good, until he discovered sausage in it. The appetizers were great – we had the Oysters Three Way, which had oysters prepared 3 way. Really, really good! It was tough to pick a favorite.

Had to pack half my muffeletta into a box to bring back to the hotel. Then went down to Harrah’s Casino on Canal Street. We were initially turned away cos this prick at the door said my id wasn’t valid – I was using the SAF 11B. But we went to the front door, and after a lot of scrutinizing by the security person and her supervisor, finally got through, which was a good thing, cos Randall won 1000 bucks on the slot machines – yeah, those that took like quarters. Amazing… even the people around us stopped to look. Looks like the trips to NO and DC have been prepaid! 🙂

Randall was uncomfortable at winning so much money from the Casino (?!!) and said we should probably try to lose some of it. So we went to the blackjack table and played for an hour or so. I was on a nice roll initially, winning close to 100, when the dealer changed, and this Erica lady caused me to lose everything, and then some. Well, so after disposing 300 and making sure we still had plenty remaining, we left in search of dinner.

I had jambalaya at this cafe place, which tasted like tv dinner, while Randall had a cheese pizza that pretty much sucked.

After a few beers too many [they were complimentary at the casino!], we got back to the hotel, fell into bed, and didn’t get up till the morning. We did actually want to try the Hustler club or something. Oh well.