Pat Robertson last night

Pat Robertson last night came up with this interesting thought process on the 700 Club.

What he said: It’s not discrimination to make you have to get training to get a pilots license. This is a license from the state to do somthing. In the same way it’s not discrimination to require some qualifications for a license to get married. If homosexual marriage were allowed and a church spoke out against the abomination they could lose their non-profit status for being bigots. Church and state separation has never been in the constitution, but only from the radical judicial system. This is not the job of judges.

Translation: Judges are supposed to interpret the laws based on the spirit of the constitution, and since the constitution prohibits curtailment of rights based on physical characteristics and would render me a bigot, the constitution must be changed.

This ‘story’ was followed by some ‘ex-crack whore’ complaining that living on “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” is the secret institutionalized slavery of modern America created by giving poor people money. She wanted it known that marriage is more than recognition and some benefits and homosexual marriage would destroy America since a large percentage of African-Americans are born out of wedlock or grow up in broken homes. It’s also infuriating to compare deviant marriage to the past prohibition of interracial marriage since it (the marriage currently reviled, that is) tries to change the idea of what is right.

I feel so edi-didly-fide!

Oh, by the way, if you prefer your facts to be a bit more … er, fact based, check out the legal history compilation Edward Lazarus put together over at FindLaw today.