All of these links …

The following post is from [Davezilla – Come for the clean humor; stay for the filthy comments]. I haven’t changed it, but it was too good for me to forget about so it’s posted here. Hopefully Dave will laugh and be flattered rather than sue me.

All of these links have been posted on various blogs over the years, however I think I have amassed the largest collection of unfortunate URLs for you. All of these web addresses appear to be obscene, but I assure you each one is perfectly innocent. Many are churches and Christian bookstores. All were well-intentioned when purchased, but perhaps a little more thought could have been put into them. (Hint: Have a child read your URL aloud. If anyone is going to find the dirty word by accident, it will be them.)
Perhaps this wasn’t the best URL for a Baptist church: And look! They like too go “snake handling” in the woods. Hmmmm.
Speedo Fart? Or Speed of Art?
This one for “Go Tahoe” is bad:
Powergen Italia reads differently in a string:
Is this for therapists or something that results in therapists:
80s Hits or 80 Shits?
Analtech. Yeah, right.
Accurate screws are the best kind:
Despite the name, this is a law firm with no one named Crotch:
No, this is not a fraternity hazing site.
You’ll find no winos or pictures of J-Lo here:
Yes, this is spelled correctly.
It’s his last name, I swear.
I have no words: Of course it’s a christian bookstore:
Who doesn’t want elephant balls?
Another guy’s name, not a porn site:
Folks looking for boy bits here will be sadly disappointed:
Oddly enough, this is a site for troubled Christian teens:
This one’s for my girlfriend: