False Grail=Enforced Casual?

Judith Martin has an interesting point to make on what’s become of dressing up. It’s from the 21DEC Miss Manners so she too thinks it fitting particularly this time of year. It made ‘Rather!’ appear in the smooth silhouette of a thought bubble above and gently to the right of my head. She effuses in part:

“A distaste for conformity is a big issue to those for whom casual is law. But Miss Manners is afraid that any credibility this argument might have is undermined by those who make it. They have the impertinent habit of hectoring gentlemen who don’t conform to their dress code of jeans or khakis and T-shirts, ordering them to take off their jackets and ties.” But why, you say? “Miss Manners suspects that what it really signifies is the reluctance of anyone over drinking age to be taken for an adult. While very young gentlemen are dressing like hardened thugs, their elders are trying not to look grown up. (The gentlemen, that is. As pubescent girls affect the jaded hussy look, their elders feel safe in doing so, too.) This seems a particularly bad bargain. If forfeiting stylistic variety and glamour could purchase eternal youth, Miss Manners (who was born old and marches happily on from there) supposes it might be worthwhile. But it has become just another compensation — along with precedence and other forms of respect — that adults have given up, for which they have gotten nothing in return.”

Check out Comics.com for more and more and more. I just noticed they have cheap subscriptions perfect as a “thoughtful,” while actually thoughtful gift … particularly at this date. Rather!