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Radiation Standards Waived

Today in the Washington Post:

In order for the workers at Fukushima Daiichi to resume trying to cool the damaged reactors, Japan’s health and welfare minister had to waive the nation’s standard of radiation exposure, increasing the level of acceptable exposure from 100 millisieverts to 250 — five times the level allowed in the United States.

Wednesday night, the State Department announced that it would send charter flights to Japan to assist any of the about 600 American family members of its officials who wished to leave Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama.

Kennedy said the charter flights may also be made available to private U.S. citizens who are unable to get flights out of the country.

The National Police Agency released updated numbers Thursday morning: 5,176 people dead and 8,606 missing. But the list of casualties is expected to reach far higher.


Spent a few days down in Kyoto with Isaac who’s visiting from Singapore. We had a great time eating and seeing the sites. We were saddened that the palace was not available as it was booked until the next day (at which time we had to be on a train). We stayed right near the main station so travel was quite convenient. I should have brought a jacket. On the way I got to meet Isaacs’ relatives who were really great – a truly incredible family. Have a stop by the Ramen “Museum” if you’re around Yokohama. Like all museums having anything to do with food in Japan it’s a stylized building of small restaurants so don’t expect a museum museum. Still, if there is a kind of ramen you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it here.