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Computer Problems

Every day, I seem to be receiving another notice from my laptop that it is nearing the end of its life span. Today, it grandly refused to run any programs, and for quite a while, there was no sound from the hard disk. Repeated attempts at rebooting failed – in fact, Windows refused to shut down, I had to do a soft reset, which probably aggravated whatever difficulties the system was already encountering. Finally, I discovered that unplugging my internet connection seemed to help, in that the programs would run again [although, pray tell, what would be the point of having an internet browser if I could not connect it to the web?]. So, I decided to perform a system restore.

Things are not peachy yet. Opera still refused to start up if my ethernet card is in. So I had to start Opera without the internet connection, then plug in the card. As ridiculous and pathetic as that sounds, at least it was better than not having internet access at all.

This all just hardens my resolve that I shall never use Windows if I can help it. Clearly, work will always be Windows-based, but at least I wouldn’t necessarily mind wasting time trying to recover lost data while at work. But, my sights are firmly set on the PowerMac. [This being said, the Apple Centre at Wheelock Place didn’t have any PowerMacs on display, and I couldn’t get any service from the salespeople. Do I have to wear a suit and have a credit pinned on my shirt before someone actually realizes I am interested in purchasing something??]

On a brighter note, I finally got hold of a step-down transformer for the Game Boy Advance. It was actually the first time I’ve ever seen one. Fortunately, they had a smaller one (instead of one that resembled a mini-generator) that resembled any other AC adaptor, though it still had a hefty price tag – $68. Sigh. Well, at least it should keep me entertained at home and reduce the urge to go out. [The transformer worked fine, but I realize that my TV doesn’t have a port for the S-Video, which means I can’t use the Game Cube. Duh!!!]

Walker & Cocaine

AI’s CWoB: YellowText

“Of course, the big plus about cocaine is that it works great for the first couple of weeks,” I mused. Let’s be fair. You get your first whetevers for free (if “Walker: Texas Ranger” has taught me anything), and you get days and days of enhanced alertness and productivity without distractions like sleeping and having to leave the room before going to the bathroom.

But even as the steel door in front of the post office started ratcheting down and I skidded underneath it on my belly like Pete Rose trying to make it to third and beat the point spread, I dismissed the thought. Cocaine gives a great demo, but once you’re stuck with the decision on a day-to-day basis you quickly come to regret it. I chose Macs over Windows for exactly this reason. End of aside.)