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June/July SG/TH

The trip to Singapore and Thailand was wonderful. The food in Singapore was almost as good as I had imagined, but the country itself … well, I had overly romanticized it in memory. Meeting up with friends was the best part. In Thailand the highlight was diving. I had not been for some years and to be in the warm water rather than off of Monterey was really nice. We even got to pet a shark that was sleeping on the bottom about 20 meters down. Now that the diving license is up to date I really can’t wait to go back under again. I’d like to try night diving with the bioluminescent stuff that’s around. And caves. And wrecks. And quite especially NITROX so that there is more bottom time without the decompression stops.


Yes, I was feeling Krabi. We just got back and we’ve not been anywhere outside the island for a while. It was quite wonderful! The motorcycle rental was 150 baht per day and we got to drive out to the Tiger Cave temple where they have these 1300 something steps to climb to the temple. I make it to about 5 or 6 hundred and could barely get back down. I wanted a stronger motorcycle after the first time but “no have.” 8(. The jellyfish were out in droves and I was afraid to go in the water much of the time around there. I mean hundreds of them both small and large everywhere like a minefield. I think I need to get stung a few times to get over my extreme fear. Every person we met got stung and I had never seen a jellyfish before but those huge blossoms in the water and in my goggles when swimming next to them was something else. Ethan got stung and was fine and he even held one up for the camera (see gallery). They have a nice Swensons in Krabi town which almost killed my bizarre recent chocolate kick. Thailand is just about the most beautiful place on earth. Really!