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See Apps Roar

Whenever I get a new machine there are apps that I install for at least occasional use. I always forget some until having to become irritated and peck around at a non-pecking-friendly time. With my fresh clean Lion install I thought I’d make a list so’s I don’t have to repeat this all the time. This will be growing on an ongoing basis … as that’s really the only basis on which to grow. (n.B: “AppS” means I got it from the App Store, but probably available elsewhere, and I’m not going to even get into whether there is a MSFT version or whatever).
Apart from the obvious iApps/Office stuff, they are thus (essentials for me have an “*”): 

*1Password – keep the passwords on all systems

Adium – chat the chat

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor – duh

Alfred (AppS) – updated launcher (unlike quicksilver) but giving Spotlight a go for now

CalendarBar – integrate iCal/gCal/Facebook … calendars

*DEVONthink Pro Office – keep the everything to be kept

*Dropbox – put it here … read/edit/share everywhere.

ecto – to write this

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For anyone who doesn’t know … MacHeist is incredible! You become an ‘agent’ and do some simple task like a puzzle or find something on the web. In return you get free software. This is actually good software that you would want to buy too, not some place that gives away stuff nobody wants! Try it! I’m on the blue team. The current free thing without having to even do an assignment is a free license of Typinator – one thing I’ve been wanting to buy for a very long time.

▛▞▞▟ Proud Member of the BLUE Team™ ▙▚▚▜

NetNewsWire v2 now Public!

Huzzah, huzzah! NetNewsWire 2 beta just went public. It’s been a long time coming and the NDA for the innumerable development and alpha tests prohibited any mention before (and I mean way innumerable – this is one well tested beta). It’s quite an astounding upgrade and it’s even a free upgrade from version 1. Everything you’ve always wanted is in there such as smart feeds, scriptable feeds, persistence, an embedded tabbed browser and much much more. This release also realizes my life long quest to appear in a Mac app ‘about’ box. And for it to appear in the universally recognized number one program in it’s category! *giddiness ensues* Yup in the credits under “For beta testing, feature requests, bravery, and other help” … scroll … scroll … scroll … scroll … and there it is! That’s what I get for having a name late in the alphabet. There are so many people helping out with this release but it still feels nifty-keen to be there at all. After all, a diamond shines as brightly, even amongst many. By arcane geek allusion it would have to be pointed out that this would only be true if one believed humanity to be akin to a precious jewel … a belief to which I do not subscribe. Ahem. Anyway, the weblog editor I’ve been playing with for a long while, MarsEdit, was also unveiled (it’s free for the taking for v1 owners as well). Check both of them out (be aware they are now public beta though and not gold). Brent and Sheila have more than enough reason to be proud.

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