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June Bugs

AdN-IMG_0250Despite that phrase about the soft rains of April, here in Singapore in June there is no end in sight. I’m not so sure that there is such a thing as soft rain in SE Asia. At least Singapore is a great place to eat yourself silly. This is a task that I relish.

Staying with a friend in the Novena area has been great. There is VeloCity, Novena Square, United Square, and the MRT within a few minutes walk.

Snow Leopard Install Failure

After being excited about Snow Leopard for quite some time now and getting it the day after release. I’m pissed off. It just won’t install. I’ve tried for hours on several computers for days and it just hangs. Now reading, I see that dozens upon dozens are having this problem, and it is indeed as I suspected. Faulty duplication. Upon examination of my disk I see that the culprit is the same as all other reports … Mediagate something or other “Recorded in Singapore!” mine is B09 000124, but I’ve seen reports of 000119. I guess I get to make another trip down to Ginza to see if they’ll deign to replace this thing (though I hear from most all that stocks are sold out and in many instances Apple blamed the user in the earliest cases – though have now backed off of that – and just have been saying to keep checking). After all this, the Air has zero OS because, of course, clean install is the best idea if the install DVD does not fail. This “master” DVD even fails verification in Disk Utility! I never thought to check that. URGH!

June/July SG/TH

The trip to Singapore and Thailand was wonderful. The food in Singapore was almost as good as I had imagined, but the country itself … well, I had overly romanticized it in memory. Meeting up with friends was the best part. In Thailand the highlight was diving. I had not been for some years and to be in the warm water rather than off of Monterey was really nice. We even got to pet a shark that was sleeping on the bottom about 20 meters down. Now that the diving license is up to date I really can’t wait to go back under again. I’d like to try night diving with the bioluminescent stuff that’s around. And caves. And wrecks. And quite especially NITROX so that there is more bottom time without the decompression stops.