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Earthquake Tokyo 8.9

Holy Crap of the most immense proportions. A little less than an hour ago the room shook a little. I looked up thinking “hm, earthquake” and went back to what I was doing. A few moments later it was clear this was not our normal few seconds of shaking. The entire building swayed like a earthquake demo. It was impossible to walk without holding on to the walls. Everything fell of the tables. The lights burst in sparks. I made it down 6 flights of stairs and into the parking lot in my pajamas. Everyone shaking. It’s been an hour now and the aftershocks are still coming. The water on my desk is shaking as I write this. I am shaking too. Trying to walk feels like just getting off of an intense roller coaster. (Have not felt this since the 1989 San Francisco quake that knocked down the bay bridge and that was a richter of 6.9). Helicopters circle overhead as emergency vehicles do their loudspeaker thing that I can’t understand.

Okay … CNN:

Massive quake hits Japan
Tokyo (CNN) — An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan early Friday, triggering tsunami warnings and sending people fleeing out of buildings in the capital.
The quake rattled buildings and toppled cars off bridges and into waters underneath. In Tokyo, crowds huddled together and tried to reach relatives via cell phone.
Its epicenter was 373 kilometers (231 miles) from Tokyo, the United States Geological Survey said.
It triggered a tsunami warning for various countries, including Japan and Russia, the National Weather Service said.
“Earthquakes of this size are known to generate tsunamis potentially dangerous to coasts outside the source region,” it said.

I have no idea why these CNN people need to say “early Friday” though … it was 2:45pm. And it’s now 4pm and my doors are still swaying side to side and frighteningly frequent intervals. And I do mean … at this exact moment.

Ignorance is …

The next word in the title phrase is known to all. This weekend it was triggered by coffee. Kaldi coffee, specifically, for which a great love has developed within me. You see, my supply of mildly roasted ‘Precious Beans of 100 Years Old Coffee Tree’ was exhausted, so I was relegated to the under-the-counter jar of Nescafé Excella (it’s soluble!). All in all, the Excella is a passable cuppa insofar as freeze-dried instant varieties go. The problem, the jarring shock, is that Kaldi had thoroughly ruined me. It had informed me of heights sublime.

Perhaps the temporal proximity of the two quaffing experiences accentuated the disappointing effect of cup number two, but the damage was done and led to a questioning regret for ever having tried Kaldi in the first place. In all likelihood, I would be at least generally appeased by the Excella, had not the apple of knowledge been within my purview. I knew, and more damningly had tasted, the superior.

How could I have allowed my bliss to be so devastated? Does even the banality of the whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ phrase cry out for suspension of belief regarding its nature? A tired axiom, demonstrating by example the level of its fatigue? Its truth is certainly not in question. Living in Japan, I fear that the concept of sushi elsewhere has been ruined for all time. A special holiday sunday brunch (and the view) at Top of the Mark on the rooftop of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins in San Francisco causes others to fall, crashing down to pedestrian level. The electric excitement of Hong Kong at night leaves lesser realms in an eco-friendly brown-out. Spain. Tapas. Ad nauseam, this could be.

Would it not be better for all parties concerned if happiness, once obtained, could be constricted to simply encompass that which is within immediate view, without pondering what may lie beyond distant horizons? While I don’t regret the mind-expanding experiences that have passed me by, a part of me feels a tinge of melancholy to be always in a state of qualitative comparison.

As I write this, sipping of the replenished supply of roasted foreign fruit (‘Café Andes’ this time around), I implore you not to let me know of anything better.

Earthmine’s Virtual San Francisco Bests Google

This is a pretty cool way to travel about in The City. The stereoscopic clarity is quite … ahem … unreal. Check it out at WildStyleCity.

“You don’t actually have to go somewhere anymore to be able to experience a place,” said Fassero. “It’s about really hitting that hyper-local experience, and being able to see it in a way that’s realistic.”

via Earthmine’s Virtual San Francisco Adds Graffiti, Bests Google | Epicenter | Wired.com.