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Day 10: Granny Bee’s

I didn’t know that continental breakfast in America meant pastries and coffee. We didn’t have any, and proceeded to check out. It would be a long day – have to traverse the rest of Tennessee to reach Virginia. The original idea was to reach somewhere near Williamsburg, so that we can see a bit of Williamsburg tomorrow.

We stopped over at Morristown, TN to look for this place called the Crokett’s Tavern. But after looking for it for like 20 mins, all we found was a Crokett’s Tavern Museum – which featured a big cauldron and some kind of wheelbarrow. Apparently, there were exhibits to be viewed, but we couldn’t find the entrance or ticket booth, so we just left.

Tennessee is really a very scenic state, lots of nice colors in the landscape, with the Smokey Mountains as a backdrop.

It was 5pm by the time we reached Virginia – the slogan being “Virginia loves Lovers” – and no way we could reach Richmond or Williamsburg by 8 [our stop time in order to watch primetime tv]. So we stopped instead at Appomatox – where the North and South kissed and made up during the Civil War –> but we will only go see the Historic Courthouse tomorrow. Dinner was at a great cozy little place called Granny Bee’s. I had the Mama Moore’s special, a 6oz ribeye steak with 8 grilled shrimps. The beef was rightly tender, and the fat moist and melted in the mouth. The shrimp was a tad underdone at points. But the highlight was the bread, which was fresh and fragrant. Definitely the best bread I’ve had, ever.

Staying at Motel 8. Much more pleasant than the Ramada – there was security points at all the doors. And although there wasn’t a pool, I had no complaints [well, the pool at the Ramada was covered, while the jacuzzi had soil and plants in them].

Day 9: Tennessee

Today was going to be the beginning of the long trip – all the way to Washington DC.

First stop was Memphis, Tennessee, home of Elvis Presley. We would only be having lunch here today, at a microbrewery called Gordon Biersch, which has branches all over the country, including DC! I had this great pizza called the Looziana, which was topped with crawfish tails and cheese. Definitely have to check out the one in DC, although I kind of lamented the lack of an unfiltered wheat ale.

3 hours on and we were in Nashville, TN. This is home of country, where 90% of the radio stations played country. Most of the time, we stuck to that one rock station, or some unoffensive country music. We stopped over at the downtown area, tried to get some postcards — failed, cos they were all too tacky — then found another microbrewery, this time the Big River. We had the sampler, which convinced me I didn’t really like the beers here, so I had a margarita which was too sour. We also had the nachos with spinach and cheese dip. Nice, and really pretty, cos the chips were in 3 colors.

Decided to call it a night a Crossville, about 2 hours from Nashville. Originally thought Ramada was a reasonably nice place, but we were WRONG. The place was pretty run-down –> stairs creaked too much, pool was closed, and they had put potted plants into what was presumably the jacuzzi. The heater in the room was too noisy. Overall, the place reminded me too much of something from Afred Hitchcock’s Pyscho.

Day 7: Ticket

Well, its finally time to go home. Somewhat tired of eating buttery seafood and streets smelling like puke in the morning. But we needed one last meal before making the trip back to Lonoke, so we stopped over at The Crescent City for lunch. I had the soft shell crab, which was the best I’ve ever tasted – fresh, with light flavours, tender, and moist. Also had a half dozen fresh oysters, the biggest I’ve ever seen, really. Not bad, but I thought they could have been more creative with the dressing.

Actually got pulled over for speeding on the Interstate 65 by the Louisianian police. 🙁 And the cop even set his dog to check if there were drugs in the car – well, I was wearing a shirt that said “Fuck Milk Got Pot? – but he said something about security after 9-11. Yeah, weed is the biggest terrorist threat today.

Got back safely, although daylight savings meant we missed the 1-hour Simpsons special. Shucks.