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Click Finder Renaming

I was going over updating various statements and photos for the new year. Many of the files had an unhelpful naming convention which did not sort logically in list view. Additionally, while filenames such as IMG_002342 sort well enough, they don’t convey much to jog your memory of any event. To fix this, I was going to go for a shell script or the Better Finder Rename application. Before going that route, I idly highlighted the files and right clicked, to get quite a shock.

There is now a context menu option to Rename X Items. This is not just a simple find and replace operation, either; You can prefix or suffix names, and even conform them to an incremental or dated format. This will allow you to have more meaningful names than IMG_002342. Try replacing IMG_ with Christmas2014_ and you’ll immediately see how clarifying and convenient this is.

For more complex situations, Better Finder Rename is a professional powerhouse, but for occasional quick renaming needs, this Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10) capability is a fantastic time saver.

Reconnections: Doug

randallgThe facebook strikes again. Someone I sat next to at Santa Teresa HS in San Jose messaged me after all these XX years. I used to drive him home and tak about whatever it is that Californian high schoolers talk about. It swiftly brought back memories of the photography class we were in and my favorite teacher, Mr. Strauss, or Mighty Strauss as he called himself. I was pretty good in the class (somehow with a 110% grade) so he let me use his Hasselblat in the second year. I once had a photo that I thought had beautiful clouds and a landscape, and I didn’t understand why he kept laughing. He finally told me to look more closely and see that the cloud is actually my hair falling over the top of the frame (though the 2×2 film in the hasselblat is expoosed normally, the viewfinder is film sized and located at the top and you have to lean over and look inside to compose the shot). I still thought it looked good and asked him. He said he had to back up a bit to evaluate it … a little more … a little more … he actually went outside and ran to the other side of campus and yelled “Oh, Okay, it looks good from here!” Another time I asked him to correct a photo so he took out some magic markers and started coloring all elements of the pic a-la-coloring book. I was shocked and he said only that next time I might say what I mean and ask him to grade the photo rather than correct it. So long as I’m on a nostalgia trip, have a gander at that golden age above, my HS graduation.