Mavericks Gmail Horror

| October 24th, 2013

Oh, shiny new Mavericks. Seems okay. Then, you use with your Gmail account. You had gone through the list of tweaks that were necessary to make it “just work” up until yesterday. Now, you go about your business dragging messages to their resting places, have a look at what’s in another folder for a moment, and return to your inbox – to find yourself blinking for because there are all those messages you just moved. Hm, some wonky sync, and you do it again. Upon return to your inbox the blink becomes a twitch of annoyance, but a google search provides an irritant balm in the form a TidBits article by Joe Kissell, “Mail in Mavericks Changes the Gmail Equation.” Basically you must expose the All Mail tag in your Gmail account to IMAP (Gmail:Settings:Labels>>All Mail>>Show in IMAP). I share his sentiment:

I find it particularly upsetting that Mail doesn’t tell you about the need to enable All Mail. Mail could pop up a little message saying, “Hey there! I noticed that you have a Gmail account and I’m not seeing All Mail. That’s going to be a problem from now on; here’s how you fix it.” But this is something you just have to work out for yourself — a major architectural change that isn’t even mentioned when you choose Help > What’s New in Mail?, let alone addressed in a helpful error message.

NOTE:  This is not a nice solution and will cause Mail to freak for quite some time, but it settles itself down … eventually … I am told. All your folders will seem to be empty. Have a look at Activity under Window to see all the unnecessary.

UPDATE: This situation has led me to Airmail, and I’m really quite impressed. The beta is free and the full app is in the store for just $1.99. I may just stay with this even when Apple gets around to bandaging themselves.

New Terminal at Folder

| July 25th, 2011

In the past it could be a chore to open a new terminal window at the folder you were in. Even using a launcher such as Quicksilver, you had to manually navigate to where you already should be.

In the new App Store, I noticed a little free app called Go2Shell. You could either place this in the finder window toolbar for click access, or just invoke it from your launcher whilst wherever in your folder structure.

With Lion, while looking through Notational Velocity info, I came upon a new (to me, at least) way to do the same via the Services menu – for those of that particular bent. (If you happen to be, then you already know you can set up a hotkey for any service to avoid the trouble of an unnatural right-click of the mouse). This setting is at:

System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services > Files and Folders > New Terminal at Folder

It also allows you to open a new tab in your current terminal right here if you’re the sort who just keeps it open all the time. I selected both to see if it would be aware of the terminal running status and found that if it’s not running only the New Terminal option is available.

Go2Shell still is a great non-fiddly option and I’ll keep it installed. If you have some curiosity, you might go through all those shortcuts and see what gems may be hidden away.

update: geesh … it took me hours to absently use this Go2Shell before i got “it”. slowwww ammm ayeeee.


See Apps Roar

| July 24th, 2011

Whenever I get a new machine there are apps that I install for at least occasional use. I always forget some until having to become irritated and peck around at a non-pecking-friendly time. With my fresh clean Lion install I thought I’d make a list so’s I don’t have to repeat this all the time. This will be growing on an ongoing basis … as that’s really the only basis on which to grow. (n.B: “AppS” means I got it from the App Store, but probably available elsewhere, and I’m not going to even get into whether there is a MSFT version or whatever).
Apart from the obvious iApps/Office stuff, they are thus (essentials for me have an “*”): 

*1Password – keep the passwords on all systems

Adium – chat the chat

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor – duh

Alfred (AppS) – updated launcher (unlike quicksilver) but giving Spotlight a go for now

CalendarBar – integrate iCal/gCal/Facebook … calendars

*DEVONthink Pro Office – keep the everything to be kept

*Dropbox – put it here … read/edit/share everywhere.

ecto – to write this

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