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Day 19: Back to Lonoke

It was time to check out by the time we woke up. Had wanted to grab a bite at the hotel, but they were not serving lunch yet. So we packed up, checked out, and went down to Beale St again. Figured someone’s got to be serving food.

Stopped by at the Police Museum, which was actually a functioning police station. Lots of weapons and gadgets used by both police and crooks. Also stopped by at A Schwarb, supposedly the oldest shop in Memphis or something. Got some candy, but otherwise, most of the stuff was pretty boring.

Had a ghastly lunch at Kings Cafe or something like that – I had seafood pasta, which falsely advertised “crabmeat” when it was only crabstick. I could not taste anything, although the inside of my mouth was completely buttered by the time I stopped eating (with almost half of the pasta remaining). Randall had a Bloody Mary that had too much mix and not enough of anything else, and a vegetarian pasta that was also baked in butter, and still stewing in it when it was served.

We later popped over at BB King’s for a drink (just to say we have done it), and boy was it a pleasant surprise. The drinks were excellent – we had the Hootchie Coochie, Root Doctor, June Surprise, and Voodoo Child. We also got to keep the glasses as souvenirs (the drinks were 9.99 and 6.99 depending on whether they were cocktails or shooters). Excellent deal I thought. And the fried catfish bits we ordered was pretty good too.

Lost the map for Memphis, so decided to head back to Lonoke instead of going to Graceland. Great to be back.

Day 3: Catfish Dinner

Catfish, which is rarely available back home in Sg is rather popular here, with restaurants dedicated to it. Randall’s dad brought us to Murry’s, a catfish restaurant just outside Lonoke. I had a half dinner (3 planks deep fried), along with some excellent onion rings and fried okra – that’s lady’s fingers back home. It was pretty good, although a tad too salty.

Had earlier in the afternoon gone to UALR School of Law – both for a toilet break as well as to have a look-see. Nice facilities, definitely better than the main campus (where one of the corridors at Stabler Hall actually smelt of fried chicken and toilet detergent).

Also managed to drop by the MacArthur Museum of Military History in an old building once known as the Little Rock Arsenal. Can’t seem to remember much of it 2 days later, although I recall the former governor Sid something was quite good-looking, although Randall said he looked kind of fruity. 😛

Road trip to New Orleans coming up!