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For anyone who doesn’t know … MacHeist is incredible! You become an ‘agent’ and do some simple task like a puzzle or find something on the web. In return you get free software. This is actually good software that you would want to buy too, not some place that gives away stuff nobody wants! Try it! I’m on the blue team. The current free thing without having to even do an assignment is a free license of Typinator – one thing I’ve been wanting to buy for a very long time.

▛▞▞▟ Proud Member of the BLUE Team™ ▙▚▚▜

An Orange Day

Even with CIAC from almost coming out with it, I was more surprised by Fortune – Peter Lewis – Dorm-Room Computers 101 “Windows vs. Mac? These days I’d definitely vote for the Mac OS, which is less susceptible to crashes and viruses. Windows is more popular, but seems perpetually to be on orange alert. You don’t want to hear, “A virus ate my term paper.” What with the American Airlines system glitch that disabled – travel – due to an “OS” problem and the variagation of our outlook it couldn’t get much more timely.

Here’s hoping that Mr. Kerry didn’t have to do mouth to mouth on this big boy when soggy like his daughter said the other day. Much of the stuff from the DNC is up for free on iTunes store as I’m sure you know.