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Learning Japanese via ‘manga’

Check out a new site to help you understand/learn that pesky Japanese slang! Japanese in Anime & Manga.

“Manga” comic books and “anime” films are building up interest around the world in learning Japanese.

Providing a link: A Web site operated by the Japan Foundation features English translations of Japanese phrases typically spoken by “manga” and “anime” characters.

But students of the language are having a tough time understanding the colloquial expressions that abound in manga and anime, for instance when a samurai character ends a sentence with “gozaru” or a man from Osaka says “desse,” because dictionaries and language textbooks say sentences end with the polite forms “desu” or “masu.”

The Japan Foundation, a public entity supervised by the Foreign Ministry, launched a Web site earlier this month to teach foreigners phrases spoken by typical anime and manga characters.

via Learning Japanese via ‘manga’ | The Japan Times Online.


The cutest most telling thing about people happened on the way to the station yesterday … picture Japanese every 5-6 feet in front and behind you … maybe 7 of them in each direction … on the left hand side of the sidewalk, as we all walk. Along comes a lady with a viscious little dog snarling and barking every few feet as they pass each individual, with the lady having to literally pull it up off the ground by it’s neck chain to keep it away from every single person. The dog stops at me, pulling the lady short, he sits down and wags it’s tail, looking at me. The lady looks at me too, with a shocked expression … they continue on. I hear snarling and barking more and more and more times behind me. 😉 Happy day. Dogs really can tell human nature!


Some folks are asking what this whole iknow thing is about as I apparently set it up to link with Facebook/Twitter when I created my account, so I thought I’d put a a thingy about it here.
iKnow! (or Smart.FM as they’ve changed their name) is one of the coolest sites I’ve come across of late. If you need to learn something (language, history, science, whatever) you make a list of questions/answers, or use one that someone else has shared, and the site makes a sort of game of it. I’m using it for Japanese and someone has even shared the textbook we are using in class. There are three knowledge acquisition methods on the site: iKnow is multiple choice to/from Japanese (in your choice of Kanji, Kana, or Romanji), as well as text entry of the same. I have not fiddled so much with the other two, but they are dictation/listening practice and a Brainspeed game where you madly try to beat the clock with your answers. All of this is quite amazing, but what really sets the site apart is that it lets you set goals and keeps track of when, for how long, and what progress you’re making in your studies. It’s also not restricted to the strictly serious, but is open to anything which has a question and an answer … say you want to be a wiz at your favourite tv, anime, movie, blah blah blah trivia. It is “smart” because it uses the spaced repetition system (SRS) to not only ask you new questions, but to ensure you remember the old information by intelligently bringing it back in intervals. So, if there’s anything that you wish to know, do check it out! (feel free to contact me – and we can ‘follow’ each other).

Oh, and yes, it’s no-strings attached free. Not an ad or annoyance in sight. Don’t know how they do it. And still better than sites I’ve already paid for by a long shot.