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Boys Will be Boys!

aussie soldiers at their bestBoys Will be Boys!
The flight crew of an Australian Army helicopter has been relieved of duty pending an investigation of its actions. During the Indy 300 auto race on the Gold Coast, the chopper was supposed to be on anti-terrorist patrol, but instead was hovering near apartment balconies with a crewman hanging out the door holding a sign reading, “Show Us Your Tits”, which was apparently targeted to bikini-clad women on balconies watching the race. The stunt came to light when an onlooker took a photo of the Iroquois gunship and posted it on the Internet. (Brisbane Courier-Mail) …Meanwhile, everyone else was taking photos in the other direction.


The Japan Times Online :

Japanese typically bury guests with compliments the way Hawaiians plop on leis. This can start at a very physical level. Guests may be praised for their height, the sharpness of their nose, the color of their hair, the fullness of their bosom, the real estate value of their derriere, or anything.

“Once,” says this foreign fellow I know, “I had gas in the midst of a crowded elevator. In seconds, the air was thick enough to build a bomb shelter with. Paint began to melt from the walls. People turned wine red from gagging. But — sure enough — from the back of the elevator came the choked expression, ‘Jozu desu ne’ ” — which means, “Wow, you’re good.”

How To Be A Millionaire (Bond St. Mix) from the album “How To Be A…Zillionaire!” by ABC

Beam me up Lisa

Beam me up – Branson to finally get Captain Kirk into space – Science – www.smh.com.au
Star Trek star William Shatner wants to go where no ordinary man has gone before.

The US actor, who played Captain Kirk in the iconic television series set in space, is among 7000 people who have signed up for Sir Richard Branson’s first commercial space flight, set for early 2008.