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Oops, They Did it Again

“Japan flirts with disaster after the fuel rods in the Fukushima No. 1 power station’s No. 2 reactor are fully exposed by workers who let a cooling pump run out of gas.” (JT) Oh, sorry, forgot?! All of this crap is really beyond belief. I keep seeing stories like this. The other day it was something about the explosion which happened because a vent door was left closed “FOR SOME REASON.” They used those words! Really!!?!? What exactly is going on if, despite the apparent cover-ups and downright lies, these things happen for some reason. Serious anger here. Really?!?! They try to cool the thing with seawater, but the seawater reservoir just all of a sudden, unexpectedly ran dry too. So, there is some problem finding a source for seawater? Oh. My. God.

Meanwhile (JT), “Train runs cut, store shelves empty, gas pumps dry as residents prepare for darkness” … and what a bleak darkness it is.

Glad I’m not in their Citi

Boing Boing: Citibank under fraud attack, customers locked out of accounts:

… if you’re a US Citibank customer trying to use your ATM card in Canada, Russia, or the UK right now — at ANY network, not just Citibank’s — you may find yourself totally fuxx0red. The call-and-response goes like this:

Citibank customer:
I’m stranded in a foreign country, I need cash, and I can’t withdraw cash from my account.

Citibank drone:
d00d omfg we wuz 0wnz0red, it is teh suck!!!1!1 Go home and we’ll re-issue a new card. Then be prepared to go through this all over again, and again, and again.

Citibank customer:
So even if I fly all the way back to the USA so you can issue me a new ATM card, you can’t promise I won’t be locked out the very next day?

Citibank drone:
yup! kthxbi!