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The Times, They Are a Changin’

It’s Intel inside for Apple’s Mac | CNET News.com
1976: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne found Apple
1976: Apple I introduced, $666
1977: Apple II released, $1,298
1979: Mac project begins under Jef Raskin
1981: IBM PC introduced, $1,565
1983: Lisa ($9,995 and Apple IIe ($1,395) introduced. Motorola 68000 processor at 5MHz and 1MB of memory
1984: Mac released, $2,495. Motorola 68,000 processor at 7.8 MHZ and 128k of memory
1985: Lisa discontinued; installed base of 60,000
1985: Jobs leaves
1988: Jobs introduces NeXT Computer
1990: Windows 3.0 released
1991: Apple announces partnership with IBM
1994: First Power Macs ship
1995: Windows 95 released
1996: Apple buys NeXT; Jobs becomes adviser
1998: iMac introduced
2000: Jobs become CEO
2001: 5GB iPod released, $399
2005: Mac Mini announced, $499
2005: Apple drops IBM; will use Intel chips

The True Story of Audion

Panic – Extras – The True Story of Audion
I couldn’t help myself. I’d always heard that Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, actually reads his e-mail. When you’re a tiny independent Mac software developer, that’s about as tempting a proposal as, say, a young surgeon being able to directly e-mail Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Okay, so he’s not the surgeon general anymore, but my point is that when you’re down in the trenches