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Snow Leopard Install Failure

After being excited about Snow Leopard for quite some time now and getting it the day after release. I’m pissed off. It just won’t install. I’ve tried for hours on several computers for days and it just hangs. Now reading, I see that dozens upon dozens are having this problem, and it is indeed as I suspected. Faulty duplication. Upon examination of my disk I see that the culprit is the same as all other reports … Mediagate something or other “Recorded in Singapore!” mine is B09 000124, but I’ve seen reports of 000119. I guess I get to make another trip down to Ginza to see if they’ll deign to replace this thing (though I hear from most all that stocks are sold out and in many instances Apple blamed the user in the earliest cases – though have now backed off of that – and just have been saying to keep checking). After all this, the Air has zero OS because, of course, clean install is the best idea if the install DVD does not fail. This “master” DVD even fails verification in Disk Utility! I never thought to check that. URGH!


Again … I’m not sure of any interesting things going on other than this great restaurant … Spice Pierrot in Ginza. We’ve been going there every weekend for months now and they’ve changed their menu somewhat.

DS Search

Journeys throughout Tokyo still have yet to reveal a Nintendo DS Lite for me. I had my first steak today in 20ish years. It was at TGi Friday’s in Ginza. It was okay but it made me remember that I don’t like steak. Except if it’s filet mignon stuffed with blue cheese with a red wine demi-gloss … the one from Abigails in San Jose. Nothing can compare to that. Except that it cost about a pair of nice Adidas shoes. Oh well, it was an experience. Other than that we went shopping. E joined Tipness and had to get new shoes as they don’t allow street things to invade the gym. They have tanning beds but it’s typically Japanese. You use a coin to buy a ticket at a machine, then talk to a person to exchange the ticket for a coin, and then put the coin in the machine. Efficiency. They also don’t provide towels unless you pay extra. And if you have a tattoo, the you’re immediately banned from the club.

I’ve been reading “My Name is Red” which was a gift from E for Christmas. It won the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2006 and is quite interesting although dry at first. The name refers to the fact that the story has a swaying point of view … including the POV of the color red … you read it right … the story from the point of view of a color.