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This year, it was small but lovely. Had a nice walk around. Got a nifty electric pepper grinder. I can finally get through that huge canister of peppercorns in the kitchen without wearing my hand out with the manual one. The streets here in Asakusa are lit with cheer.

Spice Pierrot

Sapporo soup curry is in my mind probably the best Japanese food out there. There’s nothing like a bowl of spicy yet savory curry, loaded with vegetables like carrots, potatoes and eggplant, and topped off with a chicken drumstick and a half-boiled egg.

My favorite place to get a curry fix in Tokyo is Spice Pierrot at Ginza (2-6-1, Basement). Have been going there for the better part of my last three years. They also offer variations of the Sapporo standard, with kakuni (braised pork), tofu, or hamburger. You can also choose the desired level of spiciness, from level 1 (Japanese native) to level 5 (a suitable tingle that does not exactly burn your tongue off).

Ambience is nice, with dried chilies taking centerstage. Reasonably priced – around 1,000 yen for dinner, excluding drinks.