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A German September

The trip through Germany and Austria is winding down with only a few days to go. A month in the land of my heritage has really been an amazing adventure. Pix will be up in the gallery when I get a chance to sort through everything upon my return to Singapore. I hope to write some more short entries about my impressions in the various wonderful cities we’ve visited, if only to relive the experience.

Back to the Fatherland

After a few days back in Singapore, I arrived in Frankfurt today. The Lufthansa flight was really great. Or, maybe it wasn’t? I have no idea because for one of the first times in memory I pretty much fell asleep upon boarding and woke up in Germany! The Holiday Inn Express here is quite a few train transfers away from the airport, though, and we later found out that they way we walked there was specifically known as the way not to walk there. I had no doubt that Frankfurt must have a red-light district, but never expected to walk through needles, refuse, police, and whores so immediately and directly on the path from the hauptbahnhof. ┬áMy memories of the punctiliously clean (or at least sanitary) Germany may never be the same again.

Ungeweisst und Heissurgvol

Yeah, I watched Goodbye Lenin today. It was a fascinating picture of a sons attempt to preserve the past for his mother in a coma while the wall fell.

Und auch, Love Actually was something. Quotes include “People hate sissies, noone is going to shag you if you cry all the time.” Conversations also about love being the worst thing: “What’s worse than the agony of being in love?” Yet, in the end it’s a languidly torid lethargic vista into nothing. Professor Snape (and his infidelity) and Mr. Bean notwithstaning, of course it was painfully slow but for the end which took too long to arrive. It was highly recommended by my beloved, and perhaps if watched togehter, would have been meaningful.