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Gizmodo: Staff of Life Protects Your Carpal Tunnels

PC Accessories: Baguette Computer Wrist Rest: Staff of Life Protects Your Carpal Tunnels:
breadrest.jpgMaybe it’s because it’s around lunchtime, but this Baguette Computer Wrist Rest is looking pretty good right about now. Made of cell foam that looks good enough to eat, all its makers need to do is infuse that unmistakable smell of baking bread and the illusion will be complete. Its $19.95 price is not much bread, worth it for the bread-baking fantasy alone. And hey, carpal tunnel syndrome is nothing to take lightly, affecting three out of every 100 people in the United States according to the Mayo Clinic. Have carpal tunnel syndrome? The doctor orders bread rest. [Book of Joe]

It Pays to be Coarse

Well, I’ve been using a french press for a long time and have apparently been doing nothing but mucking it up by making a fine grind …

CoffeeGeek – How to Use a Press Pot:
With a press pot, particle size of the grounds is as important as it is for espresso. The difference is, you want uniform large particles, instead of uniform tiny particles. Cheap grinders can’t give you either – they will give you a mixed bag of big and small chunks. Dust and boulders. It’s what leads to the thing people dislike most about press pot coffee – the sludge.

… In addition, my grinder is what this author refers to as an object that “pretends to be a grinder” as it has blades and not “conical burrs.” I had never had the slightest thought of such a thing until now. And, no, my fresh beans are not strictly between 3 and 10 days old either. Hm, enlightenment doesn’t really feel that good after all.