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Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors

I was looking for books about memory improvement and was shocked by one of the random things that come up in a search. What the?!? A “complete guide for cruising sailors??” From McGraw-Hill?? I suppose I should not be so quick to thoughtless colloquialisms. It turns out to be a book about how to sail a catamaran. It gave me quite a laugh indeed.

Esquire Magazine: My Outsourced Life

Smartmoney.com: Esquire Magazine: My Outsourced Life:
I decided I needed to outsource my worry. For the last few weeks I’ve been tearing my hair out because a business deal is taking far too long to close. I asked Honey if she would be interested in tearing her hair out in my stead. Just for a few minutes a day. She thought it was a wonderful idea. “I will worry about this every day,” she wrote. “Do not worry.”

The outsourcing of my neuroses was one of the most successful experiments of the month. Every time I started to ruminate, I’d remind myself that Honey was already on the case, and I’d relax. No joke — this alone was worth the $1,000.

8 Pixels Cost MS Millions

How 8 pixels cost Microsoft millions: “When coloring in 800,000 pixels on a map of India, Microsoft colored eight of them a different shade of green to represent the disputed Kashmiri territory. The difference in greens meant Kashmir was shown as non-Indian, and the product was promptly banned in India. Microsoft was left to recall all 200,000 copies of the offending Windows 95 operating system software to try and heal the diplomatic wounds. “It cost millions,” Edwards said.

In less understandable stupidity … Outsports.com is being sued for taking a picture at a public sporting event on a public street and running it without comment on a sporting site in a sporting gallery of 150 images from the same event. This is clear defamation. I am outraged at what Chris Harbinson has had to go though. Just think of all the “extreme embarrassment, public humiliation, mental agony and damage to his name and reputation.”