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Day 8: Rest Day

Today is rest day. Slept in till lunchtime, when we went out in search of french onion soup, which I had been craving since my flight on China Airlines –> I wanted something hearty to make myself feel better. So we went to TGIFridays. Had the Triple Combo thing – ribs, shrimp, and chicken — too much, as usual, but at least it wasn’t overdone with butter. The soup was really good, with cheese and bread melted over the top of the cup.

Rest of the day was spent watching Monsters Inc — really funny, wished I saw it in the cinema instead — and Monty Python [less funny than I expected, quite a bit of physical stuff which I wasn’t into].

Arsenal Loses

Oh boy… there goes the dream of the treble… Arsenal lost this afternoon to Man Utd in the semis of the FA Cup. Things are threatening to unravel for the Gooners, drawing last week against ManUre after leading for most of the match. Champs League coming up next week, followed by nearly back-to-back matches against Liverpool and Newcastle. Freddie Ljungberg and Jose Antonio Reyes have been injured… but Theirry Henry was mostly rested for this match — hopefully will be fresh to tear apart Chelsea.