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X-Men Over the Hedge

We’ve been seeing quite a few movies lately. X-Men today (sneak peek before it’s release tomorrow) and was dissapointed. The guy who makes the trailers should get a medal for making this one look so good. Over the Hedge was shockingly wonderful and funny. Poseidon lacked any development of empathy for the characters so I just waited for them to hurry up and die. The DaVinci Code, however, had me just waiting for it to get over with – The shock of the season, as I’d been anxiously waiting for this one for quite some time (a HUGE medal for the trailer guy on this stinking pile of boredom).

Off Your Handphone

Well, it started off as the obligatory (and nessesary) message to turn off your mobile in the cinema, but it made me want to see Chicken Little. Now it’s my fav song of the moment. 8 days called the language gibberish but apparently it’s Romanian. The band? O-Zone. The song? Dragostea Din Tei. It’s available on iTunes. Yay!

By the way … go see Chicken Litte! It’s so so cool!

Ma Ya Hi from the album “DiscO-Zone” by O-Zone