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Tokyo Teaching

Well, it’s now been a week since I started teaching English here. I’m impressed at the ardor of the students. They buy lessons and many come for 2-5 lessons every day. There is also a thing called “voice.” This is a sort of conversation lounge and these folks frequently stay for many hours. It is far from cheap for them and their dedication is obvious. It’s quite exciting to be able to help them to better their communication skills. It is, however, exhausting for me to maintain the requisite bubbly jovial (“genki”) demeanor as my past has been generally solitary in the computer field. So far my students range from Jr. High School age to Seniors of varying abilities in English and obviously EXTREMELY diverse personalities. I hear that next month I am to go for training in teaching children so that will be added to my schedule at that time. I’m doing 6 lessons a day and one session of voice and it’s all quite interesting, despite the drain on my personal energy. I’m still on probation as a teacher until the end of January so the pay is worse than it might be, though even after probation it’s not much at all. Hopefully it will be sufficient to make up for the financial deficits of the moment (less than rent + less than living = nasty). Those US school loans are … a necessary yet onerous burden. This is particularly because of the difficulty in international transactions which I have yet to fully understand, much less master. Suggestions?

Your Inner Etymologist

Livescience has come up with an interesting entry on language:

Sermons are full of “good times” and tabloids aren’t all that “trashy.”
Or so say the results spit out by VIEW, a language program that can calculate how often and in what combinations words appear in a variety of English languagecategories.
… The project was born as a tool to help those learning English get a handle on nuances of the language. Understanding the most frequent words and how they’re used colloquially is an important part of the process …

Oddly enough, though the study is based at an American Uni, it is specific to Brit English at the moment.