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Zheng He

Zheng He-1 He was a brilliant Chinese General who discovered America well before Columbus. Only the changing tides of Chinese government put a stop to his exploration. If they would have only supported him the Chinese would have had an America! … and I could have spoken Chinese! I am so irritated that I was deprived of speaking Chinese natively (or, at this moment, not at all). I guess it's not *so* bad to be limited to English and a tiny bit of French and German, but, to quote Monty Python "There's a hundred billion of them in the world today so you better learn to like them that's what I say" … I want to know Chinese! Baba - Statue 2-1

Game Threatens China

China banned the online game “Football Manager 2005” by Sports Interactive Ltd. because the content “jeopardizes the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China”. The objectionable part of the game was that it treats Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, and Macao as independent countries. It also puts Chinese Tibet and China on an equal footing. The Ministry of Culture has ordered a crackdown. Though the game has not been officially released in China, it is available over the Internet. See China View, Ministry of Culture website.

Seth’s Blog: Starting Over

Seth with more fascinating ideas: Seth’s Blog: Starting Over “Imagine, for a second, that you’re China.
Over the next few years, you’re going to buy half a billion or so cars. Pave most of the country. Buy billions of barrels of oil… all the price of modernization. The thing about China is that the government isn’t shy about being authoritarian. So what if the Chinese government decided to decree what it meant for something to be legally sold as a car?”