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Actual Birthday

As I was born at 3:54 am in America, this would be the actual birthday dinner. We went to だんまや, a local Asakusa izakaya. Every thing was quite brilliant. Shrimp and tuna sashimi, salmon sushi, potato salad, a wonderful salty fish, surprisingly good shrimp/cheese rolls, skewered scallop, and a huge salted prawn. The shocking thing was a tofu pizza. It sounds horrible, but it really works! It’s deep fried tofu with tomato sauce and cheese and peppers. I also tried for the first time a kiwi sour … you grind up a kiwi and put it in the drink. Very nice indeed.

Lawry’s Birthday

We went to Lawry’s The Prime Rib for my birthday and had … prime rib. Here they have cuts ranging from Tokyo to Lawry’s. We had the Tokyo cut (they vary only in size apparently), which is the smallest possible portion and it was HUGE! It was absolutely incredible … so unbelievably tender, but even the small bit was well impossible to finish. The “chef” cut’s and serves it all at your table.  Unfortunately theylawry's the prime rib have an absolute fail on things other than prime rib. For 2000 extra you can add lobster (fried or steamed), but the steamed was pedestrian and the fried … well, whoever thought that up should be shot – it tasted to me like peculiarly bad plastic. We somehow got the only waitress with poor English and the Yorkshire pudding was dismal. They also seemed to be pushing an English – British – champagne. Just don’t! The birthday fetish at the end was a song and a pathetic piece of cake. To end up, yes, you should go to Lawry’s, but have the prime rib and don’t condemn yourself to any other offerings or else you’ll be angry at the quite extreme expense.

How to Change the World: Mac Reunion

Nice pix and videos from the Mac reunion courtesy of Guy Kawasaki:

On January 24, 1984 Apple introduced Macintosh. Many of us who worked in the Macintosh division are now asking, “Where did the time go?” The Division had a reunion at the home of Alain Rossman (software evangelist) and Joanna Hoffman (the division’s conscience and first marketing person) to celebrate this occasion, and these are pictures from the event.

via How to Change the World: Macintosh 25th Anniversary Reunion: Where Did Time Go?.