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Kiyosumi Garden

Tokyo Metro has some recommendations of places to see around Tokyo, so we tested one out. Kiyosumi Garden. It was quite cool to be in the middle of the city and see so many birds, koi, and turtles. The turtles particularly would climb up between rocks and put their arms out in an attempt to grasp you / get your attention. There be bread bits for sale and everything in the pond stuck it’s head up and worked it’s mouth in supplication. VERY AGGRESSIVE.

Towering Above

Whelp, we wanted to go to Mount Fuji this weekend and figured bus tickets could be got pretty easily so we stumbled early in the morning and went down to the station. THE LINES! We had to just get tickets for next weekend instead so we ended out wandering around Shinjuku. Always being told about how amazing the view is from the Tokyo Metropolitan Office building, we headed on over. Okay, so the view is nice from the top, but not so amazing as I had been led to believe. tokyometofficetokyometofficeme