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The thanksgiving special set was most excellent over at the Four Seasons. The turkey and fixin’s – quite brilliant. The bread – quite a disaster. They would have been better off going to a convenience store for that. I was extremely shocked. Another surprising thing is the entrance to the hotel. I expected some grand hall, but the one in Tokyo feels more like a service entrance way around the back of the building – apparently this location has no ‘front.’ Of course, a deluge began without warning over the course of the meal, but the concierge was kind enough to provide umbrellas from the lost & found to aid us in our egress.

Asakusa Matsuri

asakusa_1102Came back from Kyoto to wade through the annual November happenings down my street. Such a great variety of stalls from grilled scallops to sausage to gyros to flavored ice to candies. It’s really great fun but the crowds are immense. After the long train ride, trying to just pass through it all was tiring. At least this is still Japan, everyone moved in an orderly fashion and the huge police presence made it even more orderly. Problematically the exits and entrances for the Metro are highly controlled and the one nearest my house was reserved for ingress rather than egress.

Actual Birthday

As I was born at 3:54 am in America, this would be the actual birthday dinner. We went to だんまや, a local Asakusa izakaya. Every thing was quite brilliant. Shrimp and tuna sashimi, salmon sushi, potato salad, a wonderful salty fish, surprisingly good shrimp/cheese rolls, skewered scallop, and a huge salted prawn. The shocking thing was a tofu pizza. It sounds horrible, but it really works! It’s deep fried tofu with tomato sauce and cheese and peppers. I also tried for the first time a kiwi sour … you grind up a kiwi and put it in the drink. Very nice indeed.