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June Bugs

AdN-IMG_0250Despite that phrase about the soft rains of April, here in Singapore in June there is no end in sight. I’m not so sure that there is such a thing as soft rain in SE Asia. At least Singapore is a great place to eat yourself silly. This is a task that I relish.

Staying with a friend in the Novena area has been great. There is VeloCity, Novena Square, United Square, and the MRT within a few minutes walk.

May Days

Being back in Singapore is a bit of shock to the system, but a nice shock. I’ve been exploring all the new things that have popped up over the last few years. ION Orchard is a crowded, confusing mess, but it’s starting to make sense. Sentosa is a pleasant place to read, except for the construction noises (but this is a constant hazard all over the country), but I really must keep better track of the time to avoid my current state. All of my skin is peeling off from too much sun. The intensity is quite seriously dangerous compared to the gentle touch that reaches Japan.

Mt. Takao

IMG_7813On the outskirts of Tokyo, with a transfer in Shinjuku, rises Mt. Takao. We had a nice trip there yesterday, although it was quite crowded. In the ever enviro-conscious Japanese way, you can bring stuff there or buy stuff there … but you must take it with you to throw away at home as there are no trash cans. There is a chair lift to the mid-point which we used on the way up, but decided to hike down. It was quite long and tiring, and very slippery going in many areas. Beautiful autumn leaves lit up everywhere you looked. We topped it off with some sushi at a place with a special set dinner… all you can eat sushi + hot pot of seafood + a large platter of “taraba” crab…