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Day 3: Catfish Dinner

Catfish, which is rarely available back home in Sg is rather popular here, with restaurants dedicated to it. Randall’s dad brought us to Murry’s, a catfish restaurant just outside Lonoke. I had a half dinner (3 planks deep fried), along with some excellent onion rings and fried okra – that’s lady’s fingers back home. It was pretty good, although a tad too salty.

Had earlier in the afternoon gone to UALR School of Law – both for a toilet break as well as to have a look-see. Nice facilities, definitely better than the main campus (where one of the corridors at Stabler Hall actually smelt of fried chicken and toilet detergent).

Also managed to drop by the MacArthur Museum of Military History in an old building once known as the Little Rock Arsenal. Can’t seem to remember much of it 2 days later, although I recall the former governor Sid something was quite good-looking, although Randall said he looked kind of fruity. 😛

Road trip to New Orleans coming up!

Day 2: Little Rock

Randall drove around today, and I got to see some of LR in daylight. It was pleasant, urban but not overwhelming like some other cities. Went to U of Arkansas @ Little Rock, which was ok, but the person at the Financial Assistance Department gave us wrong directions to the International Students Office [which incidentally, is the wrong place to consult since I was enquiring about graduate studies].

Here’s a postcard view of Little Rock.

Had dinner at his grandad’s – popcorn shrimp and fried potatoes. I think Randall scared me with too many stories about food there, but he assured me this was the exception cos I was a special guest. 😛

Then followed them to an AA meeting at the Cosmopolitan Club [no relation to the drink the girls on Sex and the City down all the time]. Special speaker today, but thought he was a little too self-involved, and almost made alcoholism glamorous, which would have defeated the point of AA?

Day 1: China Airlines

New blog for new phase of my life – now on holiday in Lonoke, Arkansas.

Day 2 of my trip to the US. Apparently I woke up too early and woke Randall up, but I actually just wanted to check my mail (and the time) and head back to bed. Wasn’t as tired as I expected to be – the 22 hours of flying had not killed me yet, although I was terribly naseous by the time I disembarked at Little Rock.

Anyway, this particular entry is a rant against China Airlines. I will probably never on free will take another flight with China Airlines ever again. It was certainly true that one gets exactly what one pays for, in my case, poor service, lousy food, and cramped conditions on a Third World ticket.

1) There was little service to speak of. Sure, they brought me my food on time, but the stewardesses never once asked me whether I wanted more drinks (simple Chinese tea, not even beer or wine) on my 12-hour flight to LA. They couldn’t even find the runaway shoe of the passenger seated behind me – it was later found by another passenger 2 rows in front.

2) The food was abysmal. I mistakenly requested for vegetarian food, thinking that they might actually be a little for careful preparing it since there would only be a handful of vegetarians. But I had 3 potato nuggets with stewed broccoli and cauliflowers for lunch, rice with more steamed veges for dinner, and very oily fried noodles with shrunked kailan for breakfast the next day. And I didn’t even get a comforting cake for desert that regular patrons had – instead I was given a few grapes (with seeds!)

3) The conditions were demoralizing, to say the least. I mean, the lack of leg room aside, there was no individual console to watch movies on that even ANA provided the last time I flew to Chicago THREE years ago. The toilets had few amenities to speak of, no toothbrushes, shavers, or combs. Even the hand moisturizer smells like the stuff one washes toilet bowls with. Yucks.

As I later reminded myself when I landed, I wasn’t even sure I was going to reach the US in one piece, which I thankfully did. So, before the heavens decide to take revenge on me for my incessant complaining, I should count my blessings that I am at least able to enjoy 3 weeks of fun before I try to return to Singapore on China Airlines again.